Sandy Maynard

Sandy Maynard, CETL

Sandy Maynard leads the Educational Technology practice for MP-LLC.  She has spent her career in K-12 Technology, having served in numerous CTO and Executive Director roles for small, medium and large school districts.  Most recently Sandy was the Executive Director of Enterprise Systems for San Francisco Unified School District.

The majority of Sandy’s career has been in education.  The experiences in the corporate world that rounded her career path have been banking, accounting, and retail.   She began the education path in Alaska working in a private elementary school, later moving to the public sector. After moving back to Washington State, she continued her work in education starting as a media specialist  in a high school.  Her passion working the education landscape has allowed her to experience all technology facets and most recently managing portfolio of 15-18 projects.  Sandy desire to see education arena develop into more a more personalized experience leads her towards working with groups and agencies with that same mission.

Sandy brings many life experiences that parallel people and children in poverty.  While living in an Alaskan village, saturated with poverty, she observed first hand the effects of poverty on students.  Through her life stories, she guides education professionals and community leaders to gain a better understanding of the inner workings and effects of poverty.

Sandy carried a Career and Technical Education (CTE) certificate.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology Management through Warren University and is certified in Leadership Development from The University of Denver.  She served as a nationally certified trainer for aha! Process, which delivers workshops on A Framework Understanding Poverty.   In addition, she holds certifications as a facilitator and coach for The Leadership Challenge workshop and BridgeWorks the study of When Generations Collide, a study of the different generations.


  • Sandy is a Team Builder. I have known Sandy for over seven years and have benefited directly from her willingness to build and maintain a peer group of K-12 IT Leaders through monthly professional learning community (PLC) meetings — Stoch Monency, retired educator

  • “The style at which Sandy delivers her message makes it easy not just for me but for everyone.” — Team member, The Boeing Company

  • “It takes someone with a gift of storytelling to help paint a point that you can visual.” — Scholarship Committee, Weyerhaeuser

  • “Eye-opener, the presenter told excellent real-life stories.  You are an inspiration.” — Participant, Project Leadership

  • Our group could not have been more pleased, impressed and touched by your presentation at our retreat.  You're passion for the issues & concerns of “those of poverty” left a deep imprint on all of us.” — FUSION Board of Directors

  • “Sandy’s presentation on poverty, really hit home, I didn’t realize how hard it is to move out of poverty and what you lose.” — Member, Advancing Leadership

  • “Our team loves your presentations, they are engaging and take us to a higher level of understanding.” — Tutor Team, World Vision

  • “Our team thought we knew about how do work with people of poverty, you proved to us we only knew a little about this topic. Thanks for bring a real conversation to our group; we feel we can only improve our support based on your training.” — Coordinator, South King Co. Habitat for Humanity

  • “I found my depth of understanding about the issues that people of poverty have to deal with was superficial.  I feel I am better equipped to support the clients in my program because I have a deeper level of empathy.  I appreciated that your presentation had real stories and I could see your level of success because of the support you received. Thank you for caring.” — Participant, South Puget Sound Probation Officers